12 Twelve Steps Towards Fat Loss

First things first: How much effort do you think you need to put into shedding some pounds? Many people see fat loss as a burden. Too much time and effort go into slimming your body. But, what if we told you it’s not as hard as it looks?

That’s right! With just simple changes to your daily routine, it’s possible to get that gorgeous physique you’ve always dreamed of. We did the research and compiled some of the most practical ways you can make that happen. Here are the 12 most popular fat loss strategies supported by science.  

Eat More Fat-Burning Foods

Foods that speed up the metabolic rate can help shed excess pounds. These are what experts refer to as “fat-burning” foods. They are delicious, nutritious, and incredibly healthy for the entire system. 

Here is a list of some of the healthiest foods you can add to any meal:

  • Fatty fish
  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Coffee
  • Eggs

According to the National Library of Medicine, fatty fish like mackerel and salmon are packed with omega-3 fatty acids. These nutrients are shown to boost cardiovascular health, decrease inflammation, and trim the body fat. 

Coconut oil and olive oil are also a good choice. In one clinical research, people who incorporated MCT oils in their diet managed to boost their metabolic rate by a staggering 5% in just 24h. They succeeded in burning 120 calories in one day by simply adding 1 to 2 tablespoons of MCT oil every day.

Coffee is another excellent beverage. In one small-scale study, volunteers who drank caffeine 1h prior to exercise managed to burn almost twice the fat compared to the other non-caffeine group. Plus, they managed to exercise 17% longer.

Eggs, on the other hand, are a powerhouse. They are packed with protein, nutrients, and vitamins, which are essential to any meal plan. According to statistical analysis, people who consumed three eggs for breakfast ate less than 400 calories a day and dropped their body fat by 16% more than those who ate bagels.  

Eat Mindfully

The mind and gut are connected, stated Harvard Health. Mindful eating can help people stay away from bad food choices. It helps them become completely aware of what is happening right there at the moment. 

Mindfulness is an excellent-stress relieving strategy, but it can also help keep the gut health in check. When we rely on mindfulness, we savor every bite. So, we take it slow and let the brain and body process the food. This is a solid option when you want to boost satiety and feel full for a long time. 

Stay Away from Sugar, and Empty Calories

Anything that has no nutritional value and is packed with sugar is a no-go. The empty calories are a bad food choice with nothing beneficial to offer. They don’t give the body energy and cause weight gain, experts explain. While the sugar only makes the extra fat keep piling up. 

Intermittent Fasting

With intermittent fasting, you get to consume fewer calories. Although it’s a little bit tricky to handle, it can create amazing results. Based on a 2014 research, this strategy can help shed plenty of pounds. The volunteers in the research managed to decrease their body weight from 3% to 8%, all in a span of 3 to 24 weeks. 

Do HIIT Workouts

HIIT or high-intensity interval training can help with fat loss. According to a 2019 research, HIIT can provide over 28.5% better fat reduction than moderate exercises. These workouts help tone the body and reduce total body fat.

Reducing Stress

Stable mental health can help the body stay in tip-top shape. When paired with physical activity, stress management can be an effective weight-loss strategy, published the National Institutes of Health

Get Enough Sleep

Poor sleep will undermine all your weight loss efforts. It can reduce energy, affect metabolism, and put a lot of strain on the system. Although sleep isn’t a direct weight loss tactic, it helps affect the entire body. With enough sleep, the metabolism can work in full force and help burn the excess fat, research shows.  

Workout on an Empty Stomach

Many experts recommend a workout on an empty stomach right before breakfast. It can boost energy and performance. But, most importantly, it helps the body burn more fat during the rest of the day.  

Try Low-Carb or Even Ketogenic Diet (For a Limited period)

The ketogenic diet offers low-carb meal plans. You will be reducing the carb intakes and replacing it with fat. It’s a tactic that puts the system into a metabolic state and helps it burn fat. It speeds up the metabolism and helps it shed excess pounds. But, it’s best to try it for a short time since it’s a very rigorous regime.

Incorporate Strength Training

Weights and cardio are a great option for burning calories. Based on research, it can boost resting metabolism by 9%. These effects make strength training ideal for building muscle, strengthening tissues, and burning fat. 

Add Into Your Diet Metabolism Boosters

Any natural supplement or tea that can help regulate metabolism is a good choice. But, when you pair it up with black pepper, like in turmeric teas or supplements with black pepper extract, you can increase bioavailability and take the effects to a whole new level.

Eat at Regular Times

Having a regular eating schedule can help reduce the cravings and the risk of overeating. You can manage your food easier and get the weight loss results you are hoping for, explains Harvard Health.

Final Thoughts

There are many fat loss strategies. What matters is to implement as many as you can without overthinking it. That’s why we listed these simple yet effective weight loss tips. All the options covered here can help you stay on track. 

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